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touch mcu是一种基于电容检测原理实现的触摸按键。相较传统机械按键,没有机械部件,不易磨损,使用寿命长。面板设计容易实现一体化,超强的抗干扰,具有防水能力,在水溅、水漫、水淹、水汽、油渍等干扰下仍能正常触摸操作;能在各种环境下准确识别人手指的触摸。

touch mcu

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single touch

single touch

touch key is a touch button implemented based on the principle of capacitance detection. compared to traditional mechanical buttons, they have no mechanical components, are less prone to wear and tear, and have a long service life. the panel design is easy to achieve integration, with strong anti-interference ability and waterproof ability. it can still operate normally under interference such as splashing, flooding, water vapor, oil stains, etc; able to accurately recognize the touch of human fingers in various environments.


long service life

high cost-effectiveness, short working hours, and low prices

fashionable appearance, flexible and adaptable

beeping, haptic technology, good user experience

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application area