honor magic book pen touch pad -凯发旗舰厅

honor magic book pen touch pad

        据荣耀凯发旗舰厅官网讯,4月13日,荣耀magicbook 14系列新品搭载贝特莱触控芯片重磅发布。


the betterlife touch chip adopts narrowband scanning and internal noise reduction circuit design, with fast response speed and strong resistance to complex electromagnetic environments. it has the following characteristics:

·support 5-point touch and gesture sensing;

·built in 32-bit processor, 64k flash, high computational performance, and can be upgraded online;

·real time hardware noise monitoring, combined with automatic frequency hopping and digital filtering, has strong anti-interference performance against rf, power supply, and lcd interference;

·adopting a hybrid touch scanning mode, suitable for application scenarios, with low interference to gps, wifi, bluetooth, and rf;

·adopting technologies such as wake pin wake-up, multi voltage, and clock domain/application mode switching, resulting in low power consumption;

·built in esd protection circuit, with good anti-static performance;

·i2c supports a speed of 400khz; gpio can be configured with multiple working modes, and internal pull-up resistor can be set.

       the magicbook touchpad equipped with the betterlife touch chip supports 5-point touch and can achieve various gesture sensing functions, with excellent sensitivity and smooth user experience without stuttering.