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tws earphones

author:betterlife    2023-07-31

in the era of personal freedom, wired headphones are no longer sufficient to meet the needs of technological life. in september 2017, apple released the first generation of airpods, marking the beginning of the era of tws headphones.

what are tws earphones?

the full name of tws (true wireless stereo), intuitively speaking, tws earphones do not have traditional physical wires. the left and right headphones form a stereo system through bluetooth, which enhances the comfort of listening to music, making calls, and wearing. true wireless bluetooth earphones completely eliminate the method of wire connection and can work independently, allowing for hands-free communication and enabling single or dual ear wearing.

in order to enhance the user experience of smartphones, smartphone manufacturers reduce the physical buttons and interfaces of their phones to achieve their lightweight, waterproof and other characteristics. with apple taking the lead in canceling the 3.5mm headphone interface in the iphone 7 series in 2017, more smartphone manufacturers' flagship models have also been cancelled. in the future, canceling the 3.5mm interface will become a trend in smartphone development. the cancellation of the 3.5mm interface forces users to switch to wired headphones or tws headphones using type-c/lightning interfaces, but wired connections cannot achieve the function of simultaneously charging and listening to music. tws headphones with stereo systems may accelerate penetration and replace wired headphones, gradually becoming the universal standard in the headphone market.

compared to the technical barriers tws currently faces in data transmission, a small button may seem insignificant at first glance, but upon closer consideration, it is closely related to user experience. the button design issue of tws earphones has also troubled product managers of various brands for a long time. should we use touch control or physical button operation on such a small earphone?

physical or touch buttons?

the biggest pain point of physical buttons on tws earphones is squeezing the ear hole when pressed, and pressing it once will forcefully insert a section, making the ears very uncomfortable. at the same time, the ear cap penetrates deep into the ear hole, isolating external sound, which is not conducive to personal safety, and the sound of pressing buttons can create noise.

the touch button has a simple structure, fewer accessories, low mold cost, fewer assembly stations, and is easy to waterproof. at the same time, it can be used to select music/adjust volume through sliding touch functions, which is highly technological.

in the process of using the traditional wired headset, it is often necessary to take out the mobile phone to cut songs or call out voice assistants. such functional requirement are too cumbersome. if there is no place to put it in the crowded morning and evening rush hour subway, how can i still take out the mobile phone? for tws earphones that use sliding touch technology, sliding the left/right earphone handle can cut songs, and sliding the left/right earphone handle can increase or decrease the volume. long pressing the earphone handle can also awaken the voice assistant, and after experiencing it, it really feels like a sense of technology is full, making people love it.

application solution for betterlife tws earphones

beatley touch in ear detection

it has a highly integrated self capacitive drive control function, which can perfectly realize suspension in ear detection and pressure touch sensing, and is widely used in tws earphones, neck hanging earphones, headphones, smartglasses and other smart wearing forms.

*support functions such as suspended ear detection touch, suspended ear detection pressure, suspended ear detection gesture, etc., to meet different application needs

*supports gestures such as sliding, single double-click, long press, and realistic pressure operations, providing customers with a more convenient human-computer interaction experience

*adopting dfn2mm x 2mm packaging, small packaging facilitates hardware design

*for tws market, super low-power electronics enables the whole machine to have a long life

*unique anti noise technology effectively suppresses various noises such as bluetooth and power supply, while improving waterproof performance and effectively preventing misoperation during movement


application case - headphones

although it appears simple in appearance and wireless without buttons, it actually adopts 3d touch surface touch technology and is equipped with a beitelai touch solution to achieve sliding touch, making it easy to operate and music is just around the corner.


both glasses and earphones, gently pinch the mirror legs to quickly enter pairing. touch the mirror frame to adjust, cut songs, and adjust the volume, allowing you to listen to music as you please.