a solution for mobile fingerprint moc module -凯发旗舰厅

a solution for mobile fingerprint moc module



equipped with lpc55s69 security chip and betray fingerprint sensor to provide a higher level of securebio solution

integrated software function of laptop moc module

module safety performance

frr<1%, far<0.001%, unlocking time 0.5s

storage capacity

input 8 times and store up to 20 fingers

interface type

support spi and usb2.0 interfaces.


ø is currently certified for windows and supports windows hello and intel sgx certification

customized communication protocol, data encryption transmission

having a professional embedded software service team that can provide customized communication protocols

ø encrypt each protocol and have a unique secret key to prevent data replay attack

integrated one click power on function

integrated fingerprint with power button, one click power on after initial input and successful fingerprint authentication

navigation browsing function

fingers on the fingerprint sensor can achieve functions such as sliding up, down, left, right, and flipping pages