security industry standard fingerprint module solution

security industry standard fingerprint module solution -凯发旗舰厅

product features

1. main specifications

pixel array: 192 * 192

collection area: 9.6 * 9.6 mm2

sensor size: 11.8 * 12.8 mm2

resolution: 508dpi

grayscale level: 8 bits

interface method: spi

built-in clock: 32mhz

metal ring: decoration

finger pressing direction: 360 degrees, any direction

module interface: fpc gold finger

special coating process, supporting 5h hardness anti-interference: esd protection circuit, reset circuit, anti noise circuit

bf92192mf2 fingerprint module is a highly sensitive capacitive press type fingerprint recognition module.

2. special coating technology can be used on the surface, which has superior anti-static, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant properties.

3. combining excellent fingerprint recognition algorithms with mature application software, it can provide excellent user experience for fingerprint industry applications.