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washing machine touch button solution


the washing machine serves as a high humidity and vibration device. common touch keys can be divided into four categories: resistive, capacitive, surface acoustic wave sensing keys, infrared sensing keys. at present, most intelligent washing machines use capacitive touch keys.

based on the capacitive principle, a human-machine interface with buttons, sliders, rollers, or proximity sensors can be designed, and touch design can be achieved with different thicknesses of plastic, glass, and acrylic materials.

by using metal spring sensors in washing machines, the position of the pcb can be far away from the covering layer and reliable touch control can be achieved under working conditions with strong vibrations or rapid temperature changes.


in addition, springs can also provide other functions such as backlighting, integrated mechanical and capacitive buttons. two types of backlighting on the front panel can be achieved using leds inside the washing machine product using springs as touch sensing:

1、 led installed on the upper part of the board can provide a diffused backlight effect,

2、 led installed at the bottom of the board can emit light upwards through the opening, achieving a focusing effect.

a wide range of scattered light is suitable for the backlight design of front panel icons, while a narrower spotlight is suitable for the design of status indicator lights. dual color led is very suitable for many applications that require both backlighting and button status indication.

betray's touch key washing machine solution has high integration and fewer peripheral components, significantly reducing the cost compared to traditional buttons. the number of buttons can reach over 100000, while traditional mechanical buttons typically only have about 50000.

in terms of engineering design, powerful and easy-to-use software with chip support for port mapping, and the sensitivity of each button can be adjusted separately. with one chip, multiple touch buttons and touch scrollbars can be achieved simultaneously.

the use of capacitive touch buttons on washing machines poses three major technical challenges: moisture-proof, anti-interference, and seismic resistance. moisture-proof refers to preventing misoperation caused by the influence of water and humid air on capacitors; anti interference refers to preventing the interference of rf from other household appliances on capacitive touch buttons, especially mobile phones. sometimes, a call can change the program of capacitive touch buttons. our software has been optimized and designed specifically for the working conditions of the washing machine.