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air conditioning wire control solution

in recent years, with the rapid development of smart home and smart office, the style of home and office spaces has become increasingly simple, and "invisible air conditioning" and "remote control on the wall" have become the mainstream phenomena of smart home. in daily life, we no longer need to panic and search for remote controls everywhere. just walk to the wall and gently adjust to a comfortable temperature.

central air conditioning is widely used in smart offices and smart homes, not only for convenience, but also greatly improves the aesthetics and comfort of the environment. the central controller of the central air conditioning system can control up to 160 indoor units. for small and medium-sized project users, only one controller is needed to monitor and control all room areas. the controller has multiple functions such as switching operation mode, adjusting air volume, displaying fault codes, selecting indoor units, and monitoring operation status.

a review of the history of remote control on the wall

early air conditioning wire controllers

early remote controls integrated various function settings, controls, displays, and physical buttons. the disadvantage is that one machine comes with one remote control, and the size is too small, which is always difficult to find. there are over a hundred employees in a family of three and a company, each with different habits of using remote controls. finding remote controls is a waste of time.


air conditioning controller with touch technology

later on, air conditioning controllers with touch technology emerged, which were aesthetically pleasing and simple to install on walls. without mechanical buttons, the panel is flat, simple, beautiful, waterproof, moisture-proof, stain resistant, and easy to clean. usually placed next to the switch, the air conditioning can be easily turned on when entering the door and turning on the lights, which is very convenient.

a full screen touch design air conditioning wire controller