intelligent switch solution -凯发旗舰厅

intelligent switch solution

for most young people who value a sense of ceremony nowadays, the moment they press the key when they return home is sacred. because this means that a busy day has finally come to an end, and the time after the lights are turned on truly belongs to oneself. the warm light illuminates every corner of the house, making the atmosphere of life brighter.

with the development of technology, the switches in our memory are quietly changing. the traditional switches we come into contact with in daily life are roughly as follows:

the main function of a switch is to turn on and off the lights or various electrical appliances at home. when returning home at night, most people have the experience of turning on the lights in the dark. so some manufacturers implanted fluorescent labels on switch buttons to guide people to their positions with faint light at night, and this type of switch was first applied in hotel scenarios.

the switches used in hotels often have all the lights or fan switches installed in a centralized location within reach of the guest's bed in order to provide better service to customers. however, sometimes guests still need to grope in the dark to determine which lights they need to turn on. to address this issue, embedding fluorescent labels on the switch buttons makes it much smarter.


for some weak sleep users, even a glimmer of light makes it difficult to fall asleep. so, a switch using touch key touch technology emerged, and its sensing function can light up the background light prompt based on the proximity of the human body to avoid misoperation. even in the dark, as long as you approach the switch, it will automatically light up a fluorescent sign, guiding you to turn on the switch you want.

in addition, its appearance is more beautiful and generous, the panel is flat and easy to clean and manage, supporting wet hand/glove operation, and it is also easier to achieve integrated control of more channels than mechanical switches.

the switch function of the touch key technology solution is more powerful and convenient to operate. at the same time, the appearance is also more concise and beautiful, which is very in line with modern decoration aesthetics. the switch on the wall is like a piece of art, making the wall cleaner and without any sense of conflict. so touch can be said to be a well-deserved 'wall artist'.

features of betley switch touch solution:

high security

the switch is touchable and adopts a fully enclosed design, making it less prone to damage during use. the touch switch has high safety and adopts a two-layer fully sealed panel. even if we operate it with wet hands, we can use it with confidence. it has good waterproof and moisture-proof properties, and is not prone to electric shock and leakage during use.

quick response

the switch responds quickly, and when our fingers approach, it quickly senses and controls the switch operation. when we lightly touch the switch panel with our fingers, it will quickly feedback at a speed of less than 0.05 seconds. it has a wide range of applications, in addition to corridors, home appliances, and many electronic products now use touch switches.

night light navigation

when designing touch switches, the needs of special groups such as the elderly and children are taken into account. the switches come with a night light prompt, so we don't have to worry about the elderly searching for the switch in the dark. we no longer feel afraid because we can't find the switch. even in pitch black nights, people can see the position of the switch at a glance

easy to clean

due to the touch type of the switch, the panel is flat, and it is easy to achieve anti dust design. even if used for a long time, we do not need to worry about dust falling on the switch panel, which is easy to clean and does not require special maintenance. traditional switch products have switch steps, where dust accumulates, making them unsightly and difficult to clean over time.