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intelligent vehicle solutions


2021 seems to be the first year of alternative fuel vehicle, and "car building" has become the "sweet spot" of internet giants.

the first electric drive coupe suv jointly developed by huawei and traditional car companies has been launched on the official website; xiaomi announced the production of cars at the spring new product launch; baidu claims to enter the automotive industry as a vehicle manufacturer, and there are also reports that didi is expected to join the car manufacturing industry.


the giants have their own advantages in making cars. in addition to alternative fuel vehicle, smart cars are also the focus. in addition to its exquisite exterior design, invisible buttons, large screen central control, and touch buttons seem to have become standard features of the new car.

traditional car interior

the high degree of integration and versatility of traditional cars, as the control center of the car, the traditional central control area of the car is achieved through a large number of button switches. this leads to the control function occupying a large area, affecting the aesthetics of the interior. its operation convenience is average, and the key surface words may also be worn out after prolonged use.


at a glance, it looks like a traditional button interior, without any surprises. although it is a new car, it looks a bit dull. the interior features of the newly released cars are highly representative.

alternative fuel vehicle

let's take tesla's appearance as an example, after all, the news and stock trends of the leek car are both hot topics and have some reference significance. tesla's switches can be described as "abnormal", except for a few main driving switches, all others are replaced by the central touch screen.

     since the emergence of tesla's central control large screen, more and more car manufacturers have begun to eliminate the complex physical buttons in the central control and use touch screens or touch button switches on a large scale. in contrast, the interior of smart cars has a more design feel than traditional cars, with a smoother human-computer interaction experience and all physical switches being invisible. with touch buttons, it looks like an integrated whole at first glance, and looks exquisite and high-end when placed alongside cars with traditional buttons at the same price range.

automobile expansion accessories

it has to be said that the functions of alternative fuel vehicle are indeed more perfect after the revision, but we will still configure some practical gadgets according to personal usage habits, such as: vehicle mounted cigarette lighter, vehicle mounted purifier, vehicle mounted refrigerator, vehicle mounted vacuum cleaner, and so on. they also have no physical buttons, and are basically controlled through touch buttons and touch screens.


in recent years, there have been countless such designs, which has also led to the trend of touch technology application in smart cars: the arrival of the intelligent era has made it difficult for consumers to accept the existence of physical buttons. but to be honest, i still look forward to driving without the car key, but unlocking and starting through fingerprints, that would be too cool! but what is impossible in this era?

beitelai can provide touch chips, fingerprint recognition, and touch button solutions that can be perfectly applied in the field of intelligent vehicles, bringing users a good user experience with its excellent technology. beitelai's professional fingerprint application team can provide comprehensive tracking technical support for brand terminals and module factory customers from module design to mass production stage.